Cultural Village Tour

About the Tour

What is a Zambia safari without getting to know the local people and to discover their traditions and culture. We can take you to Kawaza village were the friendly Kunda people welcome you to share their traditional way of life with you. During your 3 hour visit you can experience daily life at the village and you can even take part in activities like pounding maize or brewing Kachasu, the local beer. You can visit a school and interact with the students and visit the Traditional healer.

The traditional healer inherits healing powers from generation to generation and knows everything about natural medicine which is still used by the local people. The Kunda people will prepare a lunch and invite you to eat their traditional dishes together. Afterwards they will show you their traditional dances and tell you old exciting Kunda stories. What better way than to get in touch with the local people and being part of daily life to understand the essence of a safari.