Bird Watching is a Necessity for the Human Spirit

If you’ve ever wondered why a growing number of enthusiasts go out in search of birds… Here’s why:

Birds help us to plan better towards a sustainable future simply because they reveal weather conditions.
Bird calls alarm us when other animals are nearby
It’s adds more adventure in our lives.

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‘Pan without a Plan’ Adventurer Gareth Jones

If packing a bag and shipping a 1951 custom built Harley Davidson bike to Cape Town from London in preparation for a 6 month bike ride through the southern countries of Africa is part of a mid life crisis, then this story may very well inspire many more to look […]

A Life-Changing Walk Through The Heart of Africa

Africa, the soul of Mother Nature is enchanting. Many say they experience a ‘calling’ to take a journey across its raw and varied landscape. In Swahili ‘Safari’ means ‘journey’ and this often means an adventure full of surprises. Any attempt to control this journey as we often do in our […]

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A Photographer’s Wild Wonderland

Wildlife happenings in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia are unfiltered, unrehearsed and unpredictable. For this reason, it’s a photographer’s perfect location for capturing those magical wildlife moments that will never be repeated. And, you don’t even need to go into the park, in South Luangwa, there are no […]

Lush Life in the Dark Continent

From looking at a map, many would assume that Zambia- landlocked and elevated in the middle of a tropical region— wouldn’t have much of a climate range. In fact, there are three primary seasons, each with unique characteristics and remarkable opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography.

The Mild Season – Green […]

Photography Tips

The advances in cameras, especially lenses, film and mega pixel-count have been extraordinary, but they are no cast iron guarantee for success. Here are several personal tips which are essential for successful wildlife photography even before you pick up the camera.

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