Protected areas are not, by themselves, enough to conserve nature. Zambia has 20 National Parks that cover with the GMA’s (Game Management Areas) over a quarter of the total size of Zambia. To protect large pieces of pristine nature is very important to maintain the ecological stability of each nature reserve.

Nowadays people seem to realize the importance of nature both for welfare and well being. Unfortunately these two components are no longer to separate. Without nature’s economic value (safari tourism) nature on its own has no meaning for existence.

Fortunately there are many organizations all over the world that make us conscious of certain alarming environmental developments in the world. Everyone can do his share to conserve nature, but no one can solve all the problems. We in South Luangwa, one of the most beautiful and pristine wildlife areas of Southern Africa, are lucky to have a few organizations that fight for maintaining the protected area. The protection of the Luangwa Valley is on a relatively small scale but in that way also better manageable. Zambia’s wildlife areas are not fenced off from the human settlements which is causing human & wildlife conflicts. In the Luangwa Valley are three different organizations active with the same basic objective: Its primary focus is upon maintaining the health of the natural surrounding: its fisheries, habitats, and biological diversity. …

A balance must be found between human wellbeing and maximum protection for natural resources and animals.

Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

Chipembele teaches Zambian children how to conserve and protect the local wildlife and natural environment in the Luangwa Valley.

Conservation South Luangwa

A non-profit organization that works under the Zambia Wildlife Authority. SLCS supports 46 village scouts who conduct anti-poaching patrols in and around the national park. In addition we have a human-wildlife-conflict mitigation program, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation program to attend to snared and injured animals and we also support Uyoba Community School.