Facilities at Track and Trail Include: Riverfront Swimming Pool, Bar & Restaurant, Outdoor Gym, Photographic Hide and Internet.

Luangwa Valley pool

If you want to cool down, what could be better than a swim in our cozy riverfront swimming pool? Our raised pool enables you take a refreshing plunge without missing out on the view. Dry off in the sun, and enjoy a long, lazy afternoon, lounging by the pool. Elephants will be around the pool certain time of the year when our Faidherbia Albida is producing pods. Elephants love these protein-packed pods and in order to get them, they will stretch themselves to the max, with their trunks up.

Our elegant designed pool stands under this enormous umbrella shaped tree creating shady spots on the sundeck. This tree is often called many different names like: Winter-thorn, Ana-tree, Apple-ring Acacia. 

Safari lodge Bar & Restaurant

Welcome to the Lime Tree lounge and restaurant. Our dining options are designed to make your stay exciting and adventurous, with our chef and his team producing a combination of international and pan-African dishes.

If you want to challenge your own cooking abilities, just ask for your own table barbecue, and choose and prepare your food just the way you like it. 

Our lounge and dining area is a meeting place for people from around the world, all with the same interests, so enjoy the ambience, listen to personal experiences, or simply soak up the sounds of the bush.

When evening falls, our bar is the perfect place to gather. Swap adventure stories over a glass of vodka and lime – Track & Trail’s ‘unofficial’ official drink – or join us around the campfire

Outdoor Gym

Spending the day in a safari vehicle, being served tasty meals and snacks, is not going to do your figure any favours, so if you want to burn a few calories or simply keep fit, pay a visit to our outdoor gym. It’s the perfect place to exercise without missing a minute of the wildlife action – small and intimate, and equipped with cardio and strength training machines, Dumbbells from 5-30 kg, pull-up bar, TRX, exercise balls and boxing bag. After your workout, why not cool down under the outdoor shower, then take a refreshing dip in the pool? Don’t be surprised to see some elephants around the bush-gym, while you are working out.

Cultural Village Tour

What is a Zambian safari without getting to know the local people and discover their traditions and culture? We can take you to Kawaza village, where the friendly Kunda people welcome you to share their traditional way of life. During your three-hour visit, you can experience daily life at the village, and even take part in activities such as pounding maize or brewing kachasu, the local beer. You can also visit a school and interact with the students, and meet the traditional healer, whose healing powers have been passed down from generation to generation, and who is skilled in the natural medicine used by the local people. The Kunda people prepare lunch and invite you to share their local dishes, then afterwards, put on a traditional dance display and tell exciting Kunda tales.